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Instantly Categorize Form Submissions with AI Smart Labels

Transform your form management experience with our intelligent Smart Labels feature. Automatically sort and prioritize inquiries, with precise AI categorization, for a streamlined workflow.
Label list

Our Carefully-Crafted Labels for Your Submissions

Explore our current list of labels below, crafted to assign each form submission with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring your responses are as targeted and effective as the communication you value.


When a form submission is categorized with the 'Order' label, it indicates that the individual is explicitly expressing an intent to purchase or procure a product or service. This is a straightforward and committed request where the person knows exactly what they want and is reaching out through your web form to initiate the transaction process.


The 'Reservation' label is applied to submissions seeking to book or secure services, accommodations, or event spaces, indicating a clear intent to reserve. These form entries are critical for businesses to manage their bookings efficiently and ensure customer expectations are met with timely responses.


Tagged with the 'Inquiry' label, these submissions are inquiries from potential clients who are interested in further information about goods or services and may be contemplating an order. It's an expression of interest where the person is gathering more detail before making a decision.


The 'Question' label is designated for submissions where individuals seek additional information, clarification, or have specific queries. This tag helps filter and prioritize these inquiries, ensuring they receive precise and thorough responses.


The 'Compliment' label is attached to submissions that contain words of appreciation or satisfaction. This positive feedback is an invaluable form of engagement from users who are pleased with your service or product, reflecting the good experiences your customers have had.


Submissions marked with the 'Complaint' label signify that the person is expressing discontent or frustration. These are crucial for any business to attend to swiftly, as they offer the opportunity to address concerns and improve services based on customer feedback received through form submissions.


The 'Recommendation' label applies to those offering advice, suggesting alternatives, or proposing solutions within their submission. This can reflect constructive feedback or unsolicited suggestions for improvement or efficiency.

Technical issue

When someone is facing technical challenges or requires assistance with a technological matter, the submission will be labeled 'Technical Issue'. It's an alert for your support team to quickly address and resolve problems, ensuring customer satisfaction and seamless user experience.


The 'Refund' label is used in situations where the person is asking for their money back or to return an item. Such form submissions are particularly sensitive and require prompt attention to process refunds and maintain trust in the service or product offered.

Job inquiry

Assign the 'Job Inquiry' label to submissions from individuals seeking employment information, such as job openings, internships, or employment conditions. This label helps HR departments to filter and manage career-related correspondence efficiently.


The 'Collaboration' label is for submissions indicating a desire to explore potential partnerships or joint ventures. These messages might involve proposed business collaborations, partnership opportunities, or requests for shared projects.


The 'Other' label is a catch-all category for submissions that do not fit into any of the specific labels. It encompasses a variety of subjects, ensuring that no submission goes unacknowledged or unclassified.

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