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At Comfyform, we really mean security

Your peace of mind is our top priority at Comfyform, where cutting-edge security measures seamlessly integrate to shield your web forms from spam and threats.

The security you need, easily

Activate robust spam filters, enable captchas, and fine-tune your form's defenses with just a few taps, ensuring your forms remain protected with minimal effort.

We really mean security

Our multi-layered defense system that stands guard, ensuring every interaction is as safe as it is simple.


Invisible fields that are undetectable to human users trap bots when they attempt to fill out every field.


A system that distinguishes between human and automated access by requiring users to solve visual or audio challenges.


A privacy-focused captcha service that asks users to identify common objects in images to verify they are human.


A privacy-friendly security feature that seamlessly distinguishes between human users and bots without interrupting the user experience with challenges.


Measures the time taken to fill out a form, flagging submissions completed suspiciously quickly as potential spam.

Location whitelist/blacklist

Allows or blocks form submissions based on the geographic origin of the user's IP address.

Disposable Email Detection

Detects and blocks form submissions from temporary email addresses often used for spamming.

Bad Bots Database

Utilizes a regularly updated database of known malicious bots to prevent them from accessing the form.

Custom Monitoring

Tailored real-time analysis of form submission patterns to identify and block unusual or suspicious activity.


A sophisticated anti-bot solution that combines puzzles and challenges invisible to human users with advanced behavior analysis to detect and block automated spam bots without disrupting the user experience.

Rate Limiting

Prevents spam by imposing submission limits from a single IP address within a set timeframe.

Advanced Text Analysis

Employs natural language processing to scrutinize text inputs for spam indicators and linguistic anomalies.

Mobile Verification

Sends a verification code to the user's mobile phone to confirm authenticity before accepting form data.

Email Confirmation

Requires email verification via a confirmation link before finalizing the form submission.

Content Hashing

Generates a unique hash of form content to block repeated spam submissions.

Link Analysis

Carefully scrutinizes and evaluates URLs included in form submissions to identify and prevent potential spam, phishing attempts, or the distribution of malicious content.